Bomb Detection System

Bomb Detection System


Product Specification

Used for explo-sives / narcotics / weapon searching under & over vehicles, container, over-hidden areas, under almirahs, luggage , holes, etc where accessibility is risky , tough and illumination low / NIL. Also an ideal tool for bomb disposal, counter-terrorist operations etc. Complete visibility / detection using minimum risk.

Must for : Airports, VVIP security, Parliament, Important strategic buildings, Car Parkings, Hotel, Shopping Malls.

FOOL PROOF Solution for checking, especially in night.


250 Units in use by US forces in Iraq

5.5/5.0 inch TFT LCD ( slim line ) with audio-video colour display, conforming to ISEC standards with remote and ear phone.
IR LED illuminated camera , conforming to IP 57 standards which illuminates even under 0 lux , Effective range of camera above 10 meters.
Telescopic stand, extendable upto 1.2 meter (Option available upto 2 meters).
Portable Rechargeable SMF battery packs.
Batteries can be charged from 110 / 220 AC supply with suitable charger.
The entire system is packed in heavy duty , impact resistant durable suitcase.
The system is light in weight, water resistant, and very flexible to suit different application requirement.
Optional single station DVR with 40/80 GB hard-disk.

This complete kit contains a variety of user- friendly components, to give end users a premium search device. It is used in the same way as a tactical search mirror but with greater flexibility and without the need for end users to bend over on their hands and knees to view underneath vehicles. Video Search Kit converts from a single- use tool to a multi- purpose search system depending on situational demands.

The color, infrared camera is designed for use in both day and night operations. A tiny sensor located next to the lens of the camera senses the amount of light. The IR lights are activated if the amount of light is too low, and the camera automatically switches from color to black and white.

Color Camera with IR sensor

Automatically changes from color to black and white when sensor detects low light
Manual 360° camera swivel and tilt function
Works on 12VDC Battery supply
Bullet size , front diameter : 25 mm , dia with rings : 35 mm
Small size, gets into any constrained space etc

Under- vehicle Trolley

4 swivel trolley wheels for free easy quick movement
Heavy duty, powder coated under vehicle trolley
Easy slot in front for camera to fit into by simple push
Trolley rolled under a vehicle for a picture perfect view of the undercarriage. The low axis of this system makes it ideal for viewing under the smallest of vehicles.
No need to bend / etc users neck. This system can also be used to view under office furniture, airplane seats and any location that can be reached with the low profile trolley.

Pole Camera Search Mode

The UVSS takes less than 20 seconds change from the under- vehicle search mode to a pole cam method for searching in attics, overhead compartments, trunks, or the back of transport trucks.

The telescopic pole is available in 2 configurations i. e extended length upto1.3 metres and uotp 2 metres. Other optional customized sizes like 3, 4 or 5 metres is also available on specialized bulk requirement.

No tool is required to change from one mode to another. It can be used in the same way that other search mirrors are utilized: hold the pole cam configuration with the camera close to the ground and search under office furniture or any objects close to the ground to get a detailed view.

Battery Packs & Charger

The Power Packs come in a very handy and comfortable soft / leather belt strappable bag. Each power pack as one connector coming out, which is same for charging aswell as for using it for connection to system for its usage. Each Power Pack would give usage of approx 3- 4 hours to the system, after which the battery would require charging The power packs will simply cut off the supply to system when they reach low voltage , and this would mean they need to be recharged.

This unique video system is so versatile, it can be shared by all departments, and can be applied to numerous situations and scenarios.

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