Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

Dry powder fire extinguisher, 4.5kg 40% ABC, 6L volume

Key Specifications/Special Features

Product name: powder extinguisher 4.5kg
Out-diameter: 150mm
Cylinder-height: 392.5mm
Cylinder weight: 1.85kg
Extinguisher weight: 6.7kg
Volume: 6L
Filling charge: 4.5kg 40% ABC
Temperature range: -20°C-+60°C
Work pressure: 15 bar
Test pressure: 25 bar
Material: DC01
Fire rating: 21A 89B
Packing specification (mm): 160*160*490

Portable dry powder fire extinguisher

Performance and use:
Portable dry power extinguisher is kind of light, efficient and movable fire control equipment with ABC (ammonium phosphate) dry powder extinguishing agent and driving gas nitrogen filled in a full sealed container
Nitrogen drives dry powder extinguishing agent to eject to put out fire
The extinguisher is able to put out fire quickly and is light, efficient, convenient for use, portable, safe and reliable
Portable dry powder extinguisher applies to put out just burning fires of Class A fire (ordinary solid material fire), Class B fire (flammable liquid fire), Class C fire (gas fire) and Class E fire (charged equipment fire)
It is widely used to prevent and control fire in factory, school, restaurant, department, warehouse, vehicle and ship

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