Garrett Out Door Detector

Garrett Out Door Detector


Key Specifications/Special Features

  • Features:
    • Certification: FAA
    • Carefully inspection from bottom to up
    • Adjustable sensitivity with 200 choices
    • Having three respective detection area
    • Auto-check system with automatic corrective operation
    • Self-diagnosis, inform operator when program exists
    • Automatically store final set when close machine
    • Safe to input and output number into panel
    • Automatically counting
    • Only allow one person pass door for one time
    • Anti-ultra-violet (UV) light and very durable
    • Can be designed in accordance with use’s preference or various environment
  • Technical parameters:
    • Battery: 40 hours
    • Include AC adapter and charge equipment
    • Total weight: <50kg
    • Size: 90x58x66cm
    • Perform standards: FAA and NILECJ-0601.02
    • Having digital I/O keyboard of safety
    • Tunnel with LED light
    • Volume can be adjusted
    • Can set various memory patterns for occasions
  • Technical specifications:
    • Temperature: -200 to 700°C, -4 to +158°F
    • Relative humidity: 95
    • Degree of protection: IP55
    • UV protection
  • Where to use:
    • School and sports games
    • VIP security of important meetings
    • Security protection for outside emergency
    • All places where need to detect metal materials with high sensitivity

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