Hydraulic Parking



Why TPP-2

Our most popular simple parking equipment, the TPP-2 Series! The TPP-2 Series products are 100% cut by Laser and more than 60% welded by robot.

Consumer product level finishing We have the biggest and best powder coating line within the region, the finishing of our product is beyond the industry level.

Most reliable safety

We are offering the safest parking machine in the market, the equipment is built under the CE code and more than 10 safety features to ensure our clients will never get hurt.

Unique sharing feature

Our unique sharing feature will allowed our clients to save overhead cost at the purchasing and save space during the installation.

Professional packing & delivery team We have very professional packaging and logistic people to ensure our customer will get the product damage free , simple load & unload in time.

Experience & life long support

We export the most of the TPP products, and we have all the experience on the possible difficulty you might have, and all these will be provided to you free within a life long period.



There are so many advantages by using hydraulic technology into parking business:


1. Faster! Hydraulic is very fast comparing to the motor type. For example, the highest speed our hydraulic BDP tower can go is around 26m/min.

2. Higher! Due to the advantages of the unique hydraulic parking structure, we can make the hydraulic BDP system15 floors high, which is still the record that other company can’t break.

3. Safer! With pressure relief valve on the power pump, parachute and pressure compensate flow control valve inside of the cylinder keep, your car is triple secured.

4. Smoother! Hydraulic system is running by pushing the cylinder with the oil inside of the cylinder, it is smoother than motor type.

5. Quiter! You can put the hydraulic pump away from the equipment or put it into a pit with a cover, it is a very quiet when the equipment is running with cylinder.

6. Economic! Hydraulic parking system can use one bigger hydraulic power pup to run a group of parking system instead of using many smaller motors. Compare to the motor type, the overhead and maintenances cost is lower.

7. Efficient! By using a bigger hydraulic pump, you can lift up a heavier car easily without worry about to get your motor burned.

8. It’s Green! Hydraulic parking system needs power only when you lift up the car, compare to the motor type need to running on both directions, it save your money and consume less electricity.

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