Recorded voice bell

Recorded voice bell is reminder, can record your voice inside & people passing by will hear it 


Key Specifications/Special Features

  • Reminder/prompter/record voice bell
  • Record your voice, for example:

o    As the reminder, record: don’t forget your key/mobile phone/purse. Before you leave your home, on the door can hear this voice.

o    As the welcome door bell, record: welcome to xxx store, today xxx price is very favorite

o    As the warning tone, record: please watch your belongings

o    As the intruder alert, record: leave the room immediately. Please, touch nothing

o    As the honey messages, record what you want to said. If you want to respond this message, just push down the record button to record your voice

o    The people passing by, FJ 009 sounds your record voice

  • PIR sensor, sensor range: 40°/ 30ft. field
  • Power sourcing: 3 AAA batteries

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