SecPro Portable UVIM-V4

SecPro Portable UVIM-V4 – Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror


The SecPro Portable UVIM-V4 is capable to conduct rapid and effective visual searches of vehicles is essential for the protection of fixed installations and other potential targets in search for contraband material.

SecPro Portable UVIM-V4’s Visual Search Equipment is standard issue to numerous government agencies and military units worldwide and provides users with a field proven and versatile search capability.

• Equipped with adjustable swivel for infinite adjustment.

• Has a heavy duty extruded rubber rim to help prevent damaging objects when maneuvering.

• Available with tripod ball bearing caster wheels, allowing full range or motion with effortless maneuvering.

• Light weight with a 51 inch handle.

• Low 3.5 inch ground clearance.

• Available with flashlight, batteries, and mounting bracket for indoor or outdoor use.

• Each mirror measures 12 inches.

The mirror is made of special acrylic material which is unbreakable but can be hurt by heat and certain corrosive chemical material or liquid. Please clear it by pure water and soft cloth.

• Acrylic Mirror

• Card Buckle

• Washer & Cap

• Rotary Wheel

• Aluminum Pipe

• LED Torch


  • Features and Benefits


• 33 / 28 centimeters high intensity shatterproof acrylic mirror
• convex-shaped 2-fold amplification effects
• 1/2 weight of the mirror glass which is of the same size
• With certain toughness, not easy to be broken
• Safe, durable, light and glass the same mirror
• Ebonite materials surround the bottom of the mirror, can effectively prevent the collision cause damage to the mirror
• Detectable minimum height: 10CM


• T-type retractable rod
• Turning 170 degrees around the joints designed to maximize the depth to the detection of vehicles and goods
• Two-ball shrapnel
• plastic ring double insurance positioning
• Use of high-quality aluminum structure and multiple high-intensity processing, light , firm, and beautiful.
• Surface dust-free workshop grilled outdoor paint treatment, long-term use of non-bleaching, non-smell, harmless to the human body.
• Cotton with a black foam grip, grip feeling good, fit a long time operation.

Light source:

• Fluorescent lamp, as well as an optional LED light source.
• Fluorescent light source with a natural, soft characteristics; LED lights have long life, high brightness waterproof, removable to serve as work lights and so on.
• Customers can use the characteristics according to their own selection of suitable light source.
• Fluorescent models are adapted to wet and rainy conditions

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