Pulse Electrical Fence Controller: Solar Electric Fence is a system that uses electric pulse detectors to form a boundary when an area needs barriers for the purposes of public safety or security. A person or animal touching both the wire and the earth during a pulse will complete an electrical circuit and will conduct the pulse, causing an uncomfortable electric shock. When broken or crossed by force, the detector will transmit a signal to security center. The location can be checked out by electronic map accurately and the system monitor will automatically display the spot video through corresponding camera.

It’s widely used for community, VIP residential area, power facility, government, school, plants, garage, water and gas distributor, military base, prison and jail, farmland and poultry etc.


  • Differential output voltage technology: Each wire has voltage and the adjacent lines have positive and negative voltage alternatively.
  • LED alarm indicators shows clear working status: power\ break\short circuit\protection\failure
  • LCD display shows the working voltage on each wire.
  • Switch the high voltage and low voltage mode easily
  • Send alarming signal in case of short circuit, break off and disarmed
  • Set the alarming signal freely
    Control the system through keypad, computer software and network respectively.
  • Linkage point with other security products.
  • With Solar System, can work all year round in case of no electricity supply.
  • Waterproof and up-dated new design

Solar Layout: 


System Diagram:





  1. Pls I am interested in this solar electric fence . I need more information as in cost, your location and others. I reside in Makurdi, Benue state.

  2. good day ma/sir,
    My name is Henry Ekwuruke, from Abia state, am 30 years. I came across your company on researching. I recently developed interest in this business line moreover, I don’t have any knowledge on this and would appreciate if I am called for apprenticeship or possibly trained as a field worker to work with your company as I will bring ideas to promote and project your company to international standard and for winning of contracts.

  3. I have interest in this profession. I had once undergone a training in inverter and solar energy installations, but I need more training, most especially practical site work. I also have interest in the electric fencing, please contact me on my email if your company engage in training and development.


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