We are engaged in providing efficient Security Training Services. We make sure to select personnel after a thorough background check and verification of their personnel details and credentials.

Next, these individuals also undergo a rigorous training program, which will include personnel ethics, mannerism, code of conduct and communication. They are also trained in procedures for risking, investigation, crises.

We have been providing highly reliable fire and safety services that include the provision of fire and safety department trained and certified personnel. We are therefore in a position to train our Clients personnel officers in these areas, making them effective to carry out regular facility walk through to access and ascertain the safety of the facility. They are the first line of defence against any kind of fire emergencies and hazards.

These personnel are aptly trained in the use of various fire fighting devices. Further, they ensure the readiness of the facility to fight fire by making sure that all fire fighting devices and fire hydrants are frequently calibrated and maintained. Your trained personnel will be able to minimize loss and damage to the lives and property in the event of a fire hazard.

Silver is engaged in providing electronic Security System handling services. Our team of training experts will aswell train your Staff in the handling of latest Security gadgets including surveillance Camera, Emergency Response.

Access Control Devices and central CCTV monitoring Center.