Detailed Product Description


Send MMS picture to mobile

Motion detection

Support 4 cameras and sensors

Remote control

Need SIM card. GSM wireless alarm



How soon you can know your house illegal intruder?

Only 3-30 seconds after the intruder open the door or window.

3 seconds you can receive SMS message from TUTA camera. once the sensor activated, 30 seconds you can see the intruder pictures in your mobile phone.

Thats the TUTA Wireless security MMS camera, DVR partner can work for you.

Product Introduction:

Normal DVR or security products connects with wired camera, which will transmit video signal to the monitor center, the watch-man should stare at the monitor screen to see what is happening in the monitoring area, once he does not stand by, what happened in the monitoring area will not be known.

TUTA D GSM wireless alarm system can work together with normal DVR system or other security product, it intercepts the video signal and converse it to images. The device will detect any change in the monitoring area. Once there is any abnormity, the TUTA D device will send the picture to appointed mobile phone by MMS immediately. The user can receive the alarm information including the pictures of monitoring area in time.

The user can control the TUTA D device remotely by mobile phone, such as getting images or receive alarm images by MMS. The TUTA D GSM remote camera combine infrared body detection technology with GSM wireless network and it breaks the limits of the traditional security system.

Main function

Send alarm in time

Whenever there is an alarm, the image will be sent to mobile phone by MMS.

Send the alarm images to appointed mobile phone

Use the mobile phone to see the monitoring place at any time and any place:  Simply call or send SMS command to the camera to get monitoring place pictures.

Allowed connecting up to 4 wired cameras

Support up to 4 analog wired cameras, monitoring multi-locations and multi-angles.

Allow connecting up to 4 alarm sensors

Different sensor alarm: Allow connecting up to 4 different types of wired detector, like door sensor, PIR sensor, smoke sensor, gas sensor and etc.

Auto send image

Preset time to take image and send image to mobile phone as MMS

Auto arm

Preset time to arm the camera

Advance alarm

The camera can be advanced alarm statue, any change in the monitoring area, there will be a presentation on the connected PC.

Allow connecting with siren

Allow connecting with siren to scare the intruders

Send alarm pictures to several number:

Allow presetting up to 8 mobile numbers to receive alarm from one camera, or different people different camera.

Motion detection

Motion detector will detect the intruder and make alarm in first time

Manual monitoring

Manual control open and close the monitor by SMS command

Back up battery

Backup battery to ensure normal working in case of external power failed

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