Wireless intruder alarms

Wireless intruder alarms, will detect people or vehicle with 1 infrared alert sensor and 1 receiver 


Key Specifications/Special Features

  • Wireless alert system detects people or motor vehicle, uses a wireless receiver in your home will chime when the infrared alert sensor outside detects motion, so you’ll be prepared for that unexpected knock at the door or beep in your driveway
  • This driveway alert’s wireless motion sensor mounts outside on a post or wall and you can set the receiver anywhere in your house (within 300ft of the sensor)
  1. Completely wireless installation
  2. Weather-resistant plastic housing
  3. Mounting hardware included
  4. Battery:

o    Sensor: 3AAA

o    Receiver: 3C

  1. Can be worked after opened 15 seconds

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